Now in its 15th year, Central Medical Services of Westrock, PC provides occupational and environmental medicine services to patients, unions and businesses throughout New York, specializing in the nuances and complexities of workers’ compensation.
Simone Healthcare Development understands the changes impacting physicians and healthcare executives, making this healthcare real estate firm an excellent strategic partner for medical organizations as they build, repurpose and grow.
What if you have an employee who is on a medical leave of absence and unable to provide a return-to-work date? Do employers have to hold the position open in case the employee might be able to resume his or her duties sometime in the future? In New York, the answer may depend on whether the employee works in New York City.
Board-certified surgeons who are members of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) provide treatments for obesity in partnership with a multidisciplinary team of professionals.
Until recently, New York employers were not permitted to make deductions from an employee’s pay for wage overpayments due to mathematical or clerical errors. Instead, the employer was limited to requesting the employee pay back the overpayment so long as it also communicated that a refusal will not result in any disciplinary or retaliatory action, or the employer could sue the employee.
An innovative transplantation procedure may be the key to staving off antibiotic-resistant super bugs, such as infections caused by Clostridium difficile (C. diff).
Under the leadership of Mark Ginsburg, MD, Chief of Thoracic Surgery, the division has grown in size and scope to the benefit of patients throughout the Hudson Valley.
Two first-rate practices — White Plains Hospital Physician Associates Oncology and Hematology and White Plains Hospital Physician Associates Cancer and Blood Specialists of New York — join forces to provide innovative treatments and teach the public about the importance of cancer research.
At St. John’s Riverside Hospital, innovative techniques open the door to safer, more efficient treatment for many patients previously contraindicated for gynecologic surgery.
Patients suffering from debilitating or life-altering pain can benefit from a wide range of treatment options designed to prevent or enhance surgical intervention. Individually tailored treatment regimens vary from basic medical management to more sophisticated pain modulation techniques and can offer relief without the need for invasive surgical procedures.
Non-party treating physicians, particularly those who have treated a patient for many years, may potentially play a crucial role in the defense of actions alleging nursing home negligence and deprivation of rights under the state’s Public Health Law.1
Each year, multiple cases bring the pediatric and adult branches of the cardiac medicine program together in practiced harmony.
Patient care is personal at Westchester Family Medical Practice, PC.
Treating systemic lupus erythematosus is like taking a stethoscope to a whirlwind. Yet that’s just what physicians at Montefiore Medical Center Division of Rheumatology do every day.
Boosted by its Level III-accredited Charles A. Mastronardi Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), White Plains Hospital keeps newborns near home by providing comprehensive maternal and neonatal care to local residents, as well as those from nearby counties.
The television series Mad Men portrays the days when men held the most prominent positions in the workplace and called all the shots. Fortunately, much has changed during the past 50 years. Women and minorities have benefited from laws recognizing civil rights in the workplace. These laws also protect men, and a healthy workplace recognizes the rights of all its employees.
With specialists and subspecialists in every area of pediatric ophthalmology, the program combines leading-edge research, exceptional patient care informed by 30 years of service, and a solid commitment to understanding and working with patients and families in the Bronx and surrounding communities.
In January 2012, Glenn Leslie, DO, Medical Director of Mahwah Medical and Director of Occupational Medicine at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, made a decision that would change the way he practices medicine, allowing him to streamline patient care and expand his treatment capabilities.