The Rockland County Community Health Assessment of 2010-2013 reveals the county boasts a lower hospitalization rate for cardiovascular disease, yet has a higher mortality rate from coronary heart disease, than other New York counties.
Northern Westchester Hospital expands its Robotics Institute with the addition of the newly introduced da Vinci Si Surgical system Robot. The advanced 3-D, HD visualization and innovative instrumentation open a world of possibilities for patients needing colorectal surgery.
The treatment for nonoperative cervical disc herniation begins with an accurate history and physical examination. There may be other comorbidities present with cervical disc herniation, such as shoulder problems, fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndromes. The source of pain can be from muscle, nerve root, disc or facet. Most cervical disc herniations improve on their own within six to 12 weeks with little or no treatment. Less than 3% require surgery.